Police Found Weapons, ISIS Flag Inside Terror Suspect Home in Bekasi

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Police’s anti-terror squad, Densus 88, found several rifles as well as bullets in the rented house of terrorist suspect DE in Bulak Sentul, Bekasi City, Monday, August 14. Suspected to be affiliated with the terrorist organization ISIS, DE is known to his neighbors as a friendly person who works for a state-owned enterprise.

The neighborhood chief, Ichwanul Muslimin, was present when the Densus team searched DE’s house. “I don’t know the full information yet [about DE being part of ISIS]. I only know that [in his house] there were evidence found like ISIS bullets and flags,” Ichwanul told reporters at the location.

At around 17:00, members of the Densus 88 were still at DE’s house. Members of the TNI the Bekasi Metro Police were also there.

The police laid out the evidence at the house’s terrace, including several rifles, rounds of bullets, several books, ISIS flags, laptops, cameras, bulletproof vests, and others. Reporters were allowed to take photos of the evidence.

DE was arrested at his house today, at 13:17 West Indonesia Time. According to the National Police’s PR chief, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Ramadhan, DE is an ISIS supporter who actively posts propaganda content on social media.

“He does it by urging people to go on jihad and appealing them to unite in the goal of jihad through Facebook,” Ramadhan said.


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