Tracking Lee and Beyond

Saturday morning we start with rain in eastern areas of Sothern New England and gusty winds all due to Post Tropical Storm Lee. As it races off to the north and makes landfall in Nova Scotia Canada, we will see decreasing clouds and winds and will even see the sunset this evening. Maximum wind gusts this morning will top out at 45 mph in New Bedford and Fall River and less the farther west you go. Saturday temperatures will top out in the lower-70s. Clearing continues tonight and lows drop into the mid-50s once again. Sunday is the clear winner of the weekend with wall to wall sunshine, comfortable humidity and summerlike highs near 80. Looking into the workweek, Monday is our next chance of inclement weather. The day is looking mainly cloudy with showers and the chance of thunderstorms. It will be muggy as well with a high in the lower-70s. Once we get to Tuesday, it’s looking sunny and comfortable right through Friday.

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